Is that a Rollex on his wrist??

Posted On July 15, 2005

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So there I am, riding down Washington on my way to work. There has been a lot of construction on Washington avenue for a couple of months now, and it’s a real mess. I usually ride in the street because the sidewalks are really narrow now. I get to about 14th street (I think… I can’t really remember.) and the traffic is stopped. There were maybe 5 or 6 cars stopped behind one of the electric buses. I decided to take the sidewalk just because there was so much commotion. At first I thought that they were all stopped at a red light, but then I noticed that the bus was stopped in the middle of the block, so I figured maybe it had broke down/lost its charge/something. Then I saw a cop car pulling up and I could hear 2 or 3 more sirens in the distance. I was like, OH, COOL! Must be a drug bust or something!! I stopped and got my camera out. Some people were stopping and looking at the bus. I’m looking at the bus too and waiting for something to happen. And then I see someone walk over to the rear of the bus and I see a fucking guy laying there all bloody and stuff.

I was like… HOLY SHIT I SHOULD DO SOMETHING!! and I didn’t mean take pictures of the injured guy. I was thinking that I should go help the guy up or something and I’m wondering why nobody is doing anything. I didn’t even realize that the guy was UNDER the bus’ tires until someone said “Yo, dawg… We got a big loader coming to lift it off of him.” Some people grabbed some plywood that was laying around to create some shade for the guy, but that meant I couldn’t see him/take more pics.

Then the ambulance shows up.

And you know you’re fucked up when the rescue guy has to do this!! (actually, not really. I think they do that even if you just have a bloody nose.)

And then the loader shows up…

…and of course they make the black guy that drove the loader from who knows where give up the controls to the white guy, because we can’t have a black guy be the hero. And then a big ladder truck pulled up and parked between the sidewalk and the guy under the bus. No more pictures of the rescue, I guess. what else is going on??

CSI:MIAMI! I guess Speedle didn’t really die when he got shot?? Oh, wait… no, I guess that’s Delko. All I wanted to do was see Calleigh! She can “test my ballistics” any day!!

There were a bunch of people standing around. There were a lot more on the other side of the street.

The guy on the left was like… “MY NECK! MY BACK! MY NECK AND MY BACK!!” (not really, but maybe.)

…and then this cop was talking to the bus driver and he gave me a “Boy, I’m gonna fuck you up if you keep taking pictures like that” look so I got scared and left…

And I rode away wondering what she must be thinking…

77 pictures from my ride to work.


3 Responses to “Is that a Rollex on his wrist??”

  1. robrippin

    Damn, that’s some crazy shit! Too bad you weren’t able to record video of it and sell it to the local news station. I will always try to get some video of something horrific and sell it to the news just to see my shit get on TV ; ) And the $50 – $100 they pay isn’t too bad either.
    So far it’s been pretty tame for me, I sold video of a house fire and a SVU that plowed into a school bus (no I didn’t help cause either event). No one got injured in either, but DAMN! Sucks for that dude… I wonder why the bus stopped and didn’t keep goin just a few feet more. Damn vengeful electric busses. Guess we must submit to our robotic overlords, or else.

  2. hyuga

    Brilliant photography. What’s with the huge black splotch in the middle of the guy driving the lifter? Did a black hole open there or something?

    • fanless

      I was in the middle of the crowd of people. That’s someone’s head. It was the best I could do.

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