413 pics from NYC

Posted On November 23, 2004

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413 (not so great) pictures from my trip!!

My     10     13 favorite pics from my trip to NYC.
Bitch, I’ll smack the chink out of you if you talk to me like that again!!
They were humping 14/100th of a second earlier!
I composed this shot for the fag in all of you. I was like… Is this Angels in America?.
This is supposed to be much darker. Like a silhouette.
Belvedere Castle.
Brooklyn Bridge.
Skyline from Jersey.
Times Square.
Times Square.
Pick a winner!
Statue of Liberty.

I am so disappointed with these pics. I mean, they’re either blurry or the colors are way off. I decided that I didn’t want to spend the time needed to make each image the best that they can be, so I just ran them through Photoshop as is. the blacks look way too light and they all have a yellow cast. And they seem grainy and blurry at the same time. A lot of them are blurry because I was shivering! Oh well.


2 Responses to “413 pics from NYC”

  1. Anonymous

    I got a kick…
    outta the chick’s nose pick.

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