U.S. Tour 2003

Posted On May 1, 2003

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I guess it’s time I start talking about what arguably could be the most outrageous road trip ever!
You see these three stooges? Well, they’re driving from Washington State all the way to West Palm Beach. Indeed, Brandon is finally moving to South Florida!
Two weeks from today (May 15th) I’m flying from Miami to Seattle, and then on to Yakima. Sometime after that, either Thursday night, or Friday, I’ll head to Othello for a day or two, depending on when I get there. That will give me a chance to see my Grandpa, and Steve Miller, and whatever other friends I can find. On Monday the 19th, Kim, Brandon and his dog will pick me up somewhere near Connell, and the 3 of us will start out on an adventure we’re sure to never forget.

Part 1.

Day 1- Washington to West Yellowstone, Montana .
Day’s Distance: 675.86 miles
Day’s Estimated Time: 12 hours, 38 minutes

Total Distance: 675.86 miles
Total Estimated Time: 12 hours, 38 minutes

Day 2 – West Yellowstone to Custer, South Dakota
Day’s Distance: 496.84 miles
Day’s Estimated Time: 10 hours, 42 minutes

Total Distance: 1172.7 miles
Total Estimated Time: 23 hours, 20 minutes

Day 3 – Custer to North Sioux City, South Dakota
Day’s Distance: 462.57 miles
Day’s Estimated Time: 7 hours, 53 minutes

Total Distance: 1635.27 miles
Total Estimated Time: 31 hours, 13 minutes

Part 2.

Day 4 – Sioux City to St. Louis, Missouri
Day’s Distance: 536.25 miles
Day’s Estimated Time: 8 hours, 42 minutes

Total Distance: 2171.52 miles
Total Estimated Time: 39 hours, 55 minutes

Day 5 – St. Louis to Nashville, Tennessee
Day’s Distance: 307.62 miles
Day’s Estimated Time: 5 hours, 0 minutes

Total Distance: 2479.14 miles
Total Estimated Time: 44 hours, 55 minutes

Day 6 – Nashville to Atlanta, Georgia
Day’s Distance: 247.98 miles
Day’s Estimated Time: 4 hours, 3 minutes

Total Distance: 2727.12 miles
Total Estimated Time: 48 hours, 58 minutes

Day 7 – Atlanta to West Palm Beach, Florida
Day’s Distance: 629.29 miles
Day’s Estimated Time: 10 hours, 16 minutes

Total Distance: 3356.41 miles
Total Estimated Time: 59 hours, 14 minutes

So there you have it… Our tentative plan across the U.S. 3356 Miles! That is one mother of a road trip, if you ask me!
If you know of any “must see” things along that route, or if you know of any great places to stay or eat, or whatever, please leave a comment.


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