Posted On April 3, 2003

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So there I am, at work, doing everything I can to avoid actually doing any work, when I get an email from ebay saying there are some new things listed matching my saved search for “primo powerbite”. So I check it out and I find this. I’m retarded and can’t read, so I email the dude asking what color they actually are, and subtly mention that I hope they are blue. He emails me back and points out that the listing states that they are red, and also mentions that he has a blue pair. And they’re 170mm, which is exactly what I want.
You see, ever since my EP got jacked, I’ve been seriously bummed. Yeah, I have my Pork, Show, Cruiser, and CW, but they don’t mean the same thing as that EP. Sometime last year I saw a chrome 1998 Hoffman EP frame/fork kit listed on the Dan’s Comp Auction listings and I snatched that bad boy up, post haste! I was happy because I was off to a good start at rebuilding my dream bike. Then I hit a snag… Primo didn’t make those cranks in blue anymore, and they were actually hard to find when they were making them. I emailed Primo and asked them if they had any old stock Powerbites in blue and 170mm and they said they did, but I would have to have one of their dealers get them for me. I kinda let it go and decided I would just watch ebay for them. Many months later and I finally found them in a round about way.
So… This dude tells me to call his shop if I want the cranks, so I do. In talking to the guy he says that the shop is Epic BMX & Skate, and at that very moment I’m looking at his shop on my TV, because they’re showing it on 54321!
I thought so.
So now I have… Well, soon will have, a frame, forks, stem, bars, grips, brakes, and cranks. All I have left to get is… Um… Pedals, tires, wheels, seat, seat post, seat post clamp, brake levers, detangler, pedals, sprocket, chain, and pegs. At least that’s all I can think of. The wheels will be the most expensive part. Probably $200, because I have to have a freecoaster. The rest of the stuff I can probably get for under $300.
And then I’ll have my dream bike again!!

An unrelated item of note; Joeh made me get rid of the videoclip of Quinlan’s backflip. And in other site news, I changed the “work” link to show my desktop at work, instead of a bunch of retouched images I worked on at work, because the images were not showing up because I didn’t pay for that .mac account.
I think I’ll try to get more pics linked on my site tonight.
The end.


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