Would you guess that I didn’t know what to wear?

Posted On February 26, 2003

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If this guy asked you out to lunch, what would you say?

You may recall me mentioning Laura Adams way back in October. She was the first (and only) person to give me a hard time about my Britney Spears icons on my desktop at work. I instantly thought she was the coolest person on planet Earth! I was working on her comp card at the time, and a couple of days later she said that she hoped that her booking agent would OK her comp so she could get them printed. I said, “Well, I hope not because then you won’t be coming back.” (it was something like that). She said not to worry because she would be coming back. I didn’t see her for another 4 months after that, and she didn’t even get her comps printed. I thought for sure I had scared her off and I felt like a jackass for it. I was kinda bummed because I wanted to invite her to a Halloween party… And after that passed, I thought about inviting her to the office Christmas party. That didn’t happen because, again, I didn’t see her for 4 months.
Fast forward to last week and who walks into the office? Laura Adams! And you know what? For the first time in my life, the Miami “kiss/hug hello” thing didn’t bother me one bit. I mean… She made the gesture and I wasn’t about to resist. Anyone else would just het the chin from me, but not Laura Adams. Unfortunately on that day I didn’t have her printouts ready… I didn’t even know about them. I felt bad for her (wasted trip) and I (well, the business) looked kinda bad for not being on top of things.
She came in on Tuesday with some new images for her comp card, and then she stopped by today to pick it up. I kinda fucked it up by not doing it right, but that was ok because she got to make 3 more versions with me. She took her 5 new proofs to Blink and a couple of hours later she came back with an approval. This meant it was go time. I had to step up and ask her out or let her go and always wonder what could have happened. And then it happened…
I said that I would probably be able to print them today, and she could pick them up tomorrow. She said, “I have a casting at 3, so if I stop by at 2:30 I can pick them up?” I said, “Yeah, that or you can stop by at 2, and we can go have lunch.” I didn’t even realize what I had said… It just kinda came out. But even more shocking than that was how it seemed to light her up. She was like, “Yeah! I can take you to lunch!” and I was like… Well, I mean I would take you to lunch, but whatever…” and that was that.
I am the King of the world!


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