Broadway @ 46 Street

Posted On February 17, 2003

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So there I am… Sitting around and not really doing anything, when my phone starts blowing up up. It’s Bumpers calling to tell me that NYC is having a blizzard. I wanted to check it out so I went to this page to look at some webcams.
Rob and I talked for a little while longer… Mostly about Cameron Monaghan, this kid who is in The Music Man. Back in the day I printed that kid’s comp cards at Lazerland. His mom was a bit… Uh… Something.
Anyways, I’m watching camera 26 (paste this ( rtsp:// ) into Real Player’s URL box) and I’m thinking… Man, I really really wish I was in NYC right now!
And this is how I would look…
Not in NYC!
Is it odd that I want to be in a place where the temperature is in the teens, instead of here… Where it was something like 84º today? I just want to be in NYC.
As for the rest of the week, Matt wasn’t at work on Monday, confirming that he did indeed quit on Friday. On Tuesday night I was feeling a sore throat coming on as I got ready for bed. I felt like ass on Wednesday and came home about an hour early. I worked all day Thursday, but called in sick on Friday.
Saturday, Chad and Lissette came over for a bit to look for tickets for the upcoming Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in West Palm. Later that day I went to dinner at Maiko Sushi with Chad, Lissette, and Kim’s dad. I had chicken curry and it was pretty good. After that, Chad, Lissette and I went to see Dare Devil.
The end.


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