I hope you had the time of your life.

Posted On February 7, 2003

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Moms and Pops threw down a pretty nice hunk of change for me to buy my a new digital camera for X-mas, but for some reason it hasn’t been getting too much use. I’m not even sure why.
These are the latest pics I have taken with it.
The first few are from New Year’s Eve on Ocean Drive, which was not quite as out of hand as last year!
This is the Clevelander Hotel, where I spent most of the night, thanks to my friend Samantha.

Colony Hotel
This is the Colony Hotel.

Brandon came down do kick off the new year in Florida. The next bunch of pics are from our weekend in West Palm.

When I was in West Palm in… Uh… When was it? Late November?? Early December?? Whenever the last time in 2002 I was in West Palm was (sweet choice of words) Kim bought me and Brandon these dope Jeremy McGrath electric race tracks. I didn’t set mine up until Brandon got here. It’s still set up in Kim’s apartment. I hear her and Joy rip it up daily.
January 2003
This is me showing Chad and Brandon how to BUST BIG!

January 2003
And this is how Brandon likes to bust big.

January 2003
Brandon kept the loot from this dig in his back pocket to show Kim later. That kid is messed up! Seriously!

January 2003
Here he is wiping it on Kim’s back.

January 2003
The Three Stooges??

We made a trip to Kim’s parent’s house that I was thinking about moving into with Kim and Brandon… But now I’m not too sure about that.
January 2003
It’s a pretty sweet place… It has a pool and citrus trees in the huge back yard.

January 2003
This means we’re all going to be VERY lucky this year!

Chad invited us over for a BBQ. We ate a lot of meat.
January 2003
The Unusual Suspects??

I haven’t taken any more pictures since the 1st weekend in January. I don’t know why.


2 Responses to “I hope you had the time of your life.”

  1. robrippin

    Sweet picts!
    The first two pictures made me think about GTA Vice City, instantly!
    Funny how the mind works. Lol!

    • fanless

      Re: Sweet picts!
      You can drive down my street in that game.

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