don’t be skeered!

Posted On January 16, 2003

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This guy wants to do you!!
(unless you’re a dude, in which case he wants to do your sister/girlfriend/mom/aunt/wife/whatever)


7 Responses to “don’t be skeered!”

  1. robrippin

    Dude! Not my girlfriend! You just better stay away from Washington!

    • fanless

      Re: lol
      Actually, I hope to get back to Washington before the end of next month.

    • sweetcheecks

      notYOUR girlfriend?
      Maybe he wouldn’t want to do your girlfriend anyway. hmmmm? Although, being defensive of your girl can be a good sign in the relationship that you really love her and would protect her. would you fight for her? Except, i don’t know if *i* would really want two guys to actually fist-fight over me. i think there is something kinda sick and barbaric about that.

      • fanless

        Re: notYOUR girlfriend?
        YEAH! Would you fight for her??
        C’mon! PUT ‘EM UP! PUT ‘EM UP!!

  2. hyuga

    Argh that just jumped out at me and ate my soul >_<

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