Posted On September 24, 2002

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…so I figured that if I’m going to be pedaling my ass (not peddling my ass!) all over South Florida, I better get a celly so I can call in for some back up once I hit the wall 45 miles from home. Know what I’m saying?
And I was thinking… I’m FANLESS! Mother-fucker-to-the-max!! I need a pimped out phone. Something like this. (I’d actually like to get a phone with Bluetoof, because having the caller ID show up on my computer screen is so important to me, but I don’t think any of those work with the service I plan on getting… Service that supposedly works in Australia too, I might add.)
And then I can get a bunch of add-on crap that I don’t need. Like this stuff. (is this gay or cool??)
And then I can download dope games. Like this one.
And have a dope ringtone. Like this one.
If you can name the song and band that that ringtone is from, I will personally go down on you. (HINT:I saw the band 2 or 3 times last year.)


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