Seattle, Chinook Pass, Walla Walla, Stonehenge, Multnomah Falls, Washougal!

Posted On August 4, 2002

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Ok, folks… Here you go.

Chinook Pass My name is John Q!
Multnomah Falls BUBBA RULES!!

Or if you want the abbreviated version, click here for 40 pics including ME!(because I am so vain)
The first few are from Seattle, and then Chinook Pass. Chad and Kim picked me up at about 3:30 AM and kim and I flew to Atlanta. We had breakfast, and then flew to Seattle. My parents were waiting for us when Kim and I got to the airport. We were headed to the baggage claim, and my mom bumped into me. Literally! We spent a few hours in Seattle, starting out at the Farmer’s Market, where Kim finally got to see flying fish, and we had lunch. On the way to the Underground Seattle tour, I got us side-tracked with stops at a Fluevog store (where I got a dope pair of Fluevogs!), Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, and Experience Shoes. That caused us to be way too late for the 2 PM tour, and almost too late for the 3 PM one as well. And when we finally got there, we found out that the 3 PM tour was sold out. The bad news is that we didn’t have time to wait around for the 4 PM tour, but the good news is that I don’t have to worry about that place going out of business anytime too soon.
My dad hooked us up with the opportunity to play in some snow at the end of July by taking Chinook Pass home. He’s a smrt guy. That was on Thursday the 25th. Once we got to Yakima, we met Brandon at Miner’s and he took Kim home with him. I spent the night in Yakima with my parents, and on Friday we went to the farm and spent the night there. My other grandparents were there when we showed up. Steve, Lisa and their 2 kids came over in the afternoon, on their way to Vancouver to visit with Steve’s mom. I went with Steve to their home because Lisa thought she had left an iron on. SHE HAD!! Steve and I fired up their sleds, and I busted out a heel clicker, nac nac, and a can can in the shop, flatland style. I’m hardcore like that. I want a sled and a place to ride it so bad! I went to my uncle’s house Friday evening for my cousin’s 10th birthday party.
On Saturday the 27th (Brandon’s birthday) my parents drove me to King City. I hooked up with Kim and Brandon and we drove to Walla Walla, which is where the next few pics are from. We went to WWCC, my old home, Brandon’s old home, Lorenzo’s (which is where I had my first and worst non-agriculture related job), the BMX track, and then we set out to find Jason. Amazingly, we found him! He’s pretty much the same. He now has our addresses and phone numbers. I don’t know if it meant anything to Kim and Brandon… Maybe it was a waste of time to them, but it was totally worth it to me. I’m glad they let me go back.
From Walla Walla we rolled on to Brandon’s parent’s place, so we could drop off Brandon’s mangy mutt. His mom hooked us up with cheese burgers, and other snacks. Kim and Brandon already had watermelon, chips, and cookies. I didn’t eat any of the chips, but the cookies were pretty good, and I think Kim even made them. They were probably the kind where you just have to poop the dough out of the tube, and put them in the oven. At least they were not burned. Oh, and I totally bogarted the watermelon! I wasn’t going to eat any, but then someone said it would be like being Bubba, so I went off! (you saw the video, right??)
Anyways. we finally left their home and drove on. We stopped at Stonehenge (after missing the turn), near Maryhill. We went into the gift shop there, and Kim got me a mood bracelet, and I think she got her dad a t-shirt. Kim used the shitter outside, and just as I went to tip it over, she came out. She was lucky!
We crossed the Columbia river, and entered Oregon. Our last stop on the way to Portland was at Multnomah Falls. We did a bit of hiking and took lots of pics. It was nearly dark by the time we left. I was thinking that we didn’t buy anything there, but that’s not true. I had 2 pennies stamped into Multnomah Falls medallions, and I gave one to Kim because I’m such a nice guy. I dunno why I didn’t give Brandon one. Maybe I did and I forgot. Or maybe I ran out of quarters. Or maybe I gave the first one to Kim because she said “is it for me?”. I was just showing it to her, but I wasn’t going to say no. So I crushed another penny. It was almost dark by the time we left there.
After having a bitch of a time finding the place (Steve found it with no problems… He obviously didn’t have my jackass directions from Yahoo! Maps.), we finally got to our hotel at 10 PM, 4 hours later than I had planned (only about 10 minutes were due to missed streets/turns). It wasn’t a big deal… It just meant that our entertainment options were a bit more limited. Burnside was pretty much out. I mean, that place is kinda shady in the daytime, let alone at midnight.
I had talked to Steve a couple of times during the day, and once we were all settled in our rooms, and we had successfully stuffed Kim into Brandon’s bag, I called Steve back and told him where we were. (And that reminds me… That Shilo Inn was pretty nice, but they fucked me on the reservation. I don’t know what exactly happened, but I had to pay for 3 rooms, instead of 2. We used one room just for the bathroom. We were living like rockstars… 2 rooms for one fat guy! Live and learn, I guess.) I think Steve showed up at about 11, and we went to the hotel’s lounge, which we had been told would be “jumping” or something like that because it was karaoke night. I was thinking… LADIES! but I was a bit let down. There were a couple I WOULD!, but they seemed to be with dudes. So we dipped and Steve drove us to EXOTICA!! The ladies were alright, but not exactly South Florida quality. I think we had 4 or 5 rounds of drinks, and it was the first time I actually spent money on strippers. And it only happened for 2 reasons… First of all, because it was Brandon’s birthday, and Kim gave me some singles to treat Brandon, (and then I added $8 or so of my own) and the 2nd reason was because I felt kinda bad for the girl… Her stage was almost empty! So Steve, Brandon and I helped her out. We ended up closing the place down. Steve left for the Dancing Bear, which he said was awesome, and we froze our asses off waiting for a taxi to drive by. I went back inside and told the doorman that we were too tore to drive home, and could he please call a taxi for us. He seemed a bit concerned because not many taxis run that late at night. So when one pulled into the parking lot, we jumped into it, even though it was clearly meant for someone else. The driver hauled ass back to our hotel. I was totally falling asleep, and not tore at all. It’s like I told Kim and Brandon the next morning… It was better than staying at the hotel all night, but we maybe could have found something better to do. Thanks to Steve for driving us around! It was fun.
We checked-out at about 10-10:30 AM the next morning and left for Washougal. The drive went pretty much as expected. Less than 45 minutes to get to the town of Washougal (not including the stop for fuel) and then 75 minutes stuck in traffic going to the track. The road had changed a bit since the last time I was there. Instead of turning left onto Bordin Rd. before the track, you actually go past the track, and then back track a bit. The people in charge of parking must have had shit for brains! The cars were packed in there so close, practically nobody could leave until the other cars around them had left. It was a bit cloudy and kinda cool while we were in the parking lot, and I decided to take the sweatshirt my dad had loaned me, to the track. That was a mistake, and I knew it before we even made it to the gates. I was sweaty just from walking up from the parking lot. I didn’t wear the sweatshirt all weekend long, but it did see a bit of use by Lissette when we ate dinner in Ft. Lauderdale. Kim was nice enough to carry around my sweatshirt in her camera bag. I was very thankful!
The track was mostly the same as I remembered it. The start was a bit different, and parts up top and in the woods had changed some too. I was getting a bit anxious/annoyed during the 2nd 125cc race because Brandon was talking to some friends, and I wanted to wander around to other parts of the track. I didn’t like feeling stuck at that part, but at the same time, I didn’t want to wander around and get separated/lost. We still got to see about 90% of the track. Never got to see the signaling area, or where they did the post race interviews. I think they did them near the pits, which I tried to go to after checking out the chick from Disney’s Motocrossed, but Kim and Brandon didn’t seem to want to. I would have pushed the issue a bit more, if I were more sure that we could even get in back there. I think that area is only open before and after the races. Not during. Kim bought a pair of Spy MC sunglasses, and Brandon and I got Spy visors. His is orange, and mine is baby blue. I was a bit bummed because mine was already dirty, but they didn’t seem to have any more. But I wasn’t as bummed as Kim was when she saw some dude wearing the same glasses she just paid $100+ for.
Ricky went 1-1 and Bubba went 3-1 for the overall. I guess them winning was expected, but I really really didn’t want RC to win! Bubba walked past me on his way to the awards ceremony, and I said “Good job, Bubba!”. He said thanks. I wanted to shake his hand, and probably should have… Practically nobody was around or at least nobody noticed him… But I didn’t shake his hand because Kim and Brandon were not around, and if I would have been like, “YOU JUST MISSED IT!! I SHOOK BUBBA’S HAND AND TOLD HIM GOOD JOB AND HE SAID THANKS!! YOU STUPIDS MISSED IT!! IT WAS AWESOME!!” they would have called bullshit and then I would have been annoyed. AGAIN! Anyways, it was awesome! Bubba said “thanks” to me!!
We spent about 50 minutes in the truck before we could even move, and probably another 30 before we were on the main road. We saw the remains of what appeared to have been a horrible accident. This car was flattened, and 3 people were laying on the ground. One of them was bleeding pretty bad. I think someone had to have been hauling ass to get that messed up, which is just stupid.
The drive to Seattle was rather uneventful. We stopped in Kelso to make pee, and get some snacks. We didn’t really eat all day. Some Kettle Korn at the track, and a few snacks here and there on the drive. Oh, and the cheese burgers we got from Brandon’s mom. I was a bit worried about eating mine Sunday morning, since it had been out since Saturday afternoon. So I ate half of it, hoping I would only get half-sick, at worst.
There was a good possibility that I would be spending Sunday night with Zoë and Wendy on Vashon Island, but by the time we got near there, I was dead tired and dirty and I didn’t feel like it was worth the effort. We didn’t hook up on Thursday either, even though I’m willing to bet that we were within 5 miles of each other. Maybe even closer. Wendy and Zoë are flying back to Miami, but I’m not sure when.
I don’t know when we got to the hotel… maybe 10 PM or so… I took a shower and then Brandon came over and looked at the day’s pictures on my ThinkPad. We were going to go out, but I fell asleep and my computer was computer was connected to the phone line, so when Kim and Brandon called me, the phone didn’t ring. I woke up the next morning, got ready, and went to the airport. Kim and I flew to Dallas, and then to Ft. Lauderdale. I kinda got fucked on the flight to Dallas… Kim and I were not next to each other. She wanted the window seat that I had, and wanted to switch with me before we even got on the plane. I didn’t want to give it up, because sitting next to a fat smelly person, but having a window was better than being stuck between 2 fat smelly people. But on the other hand, I could get stuck between 2 hawt chyxX0rZ! But I didn’t want to risk that… I kept my window seat. After all, I gave Kim the window seat on the 3 other flights!. But as luck would have it, Kim was stuck between 2 somewhat hawt chyxX0rZ, Kim said one of them just dumped her boyfriend, and I was stuck next to a fat old lady. FuX0rZ!! I even had to kick the lady out of my seat, which meant that her husband had to move too. I got to my seat, and they were in seats A and B. I said… “Do you have seat A?” and she said yeah… I said, “In row 44?” and then they got up and moved over one seat each, and I took my window seat. SHE LIED TO ME!! Oh, and then later on I was kinda asleep, and she woke me up to ask me if I wanted her to throw my empty cup away! And then she woke me up again to tell me how to turn the air off, since I must have been cold, since I was using a blanket! LADY, LEAVE ME ALONE!! I should have let Kim have the window seat. That’s what I get for being selfish.
Carl, Chad and Lissette were waiting for us at the airport. Chad had Kim’s car so that Kim could just go home to West Palm Beach from the airport. Carl and Chad got separated, so Lissette and I got in with Carl, and left Kim on the sidewalk to wait for Chad with her car. The airport seemed abnormally busy for that time of night (our flight was scheduled to get in at 11:40 PM). Since Chad needed to get a ride back to Miami Beach with us, we met at some diner… I think it was called Lester’s. We ate a bit there and I took care of the bill in thanks for them picking us up. But nobody really ate besides me.
On the way back to the beach, we saw a truck ram into a car again and again. It was like demolition derby style. But we didn’t stop to see what was going on. I think I got home at 1:30 and went to bed at 4:30. I was tired at work all week.


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