fat and furious

Posted On August 2, 2002

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Her voice it’s a combination of many different disciplines…jazz, pop, fusion and most definitely soul… To hear the range and melodic interpretation of her original compositions is pure joy, and most definitely contagious., one can’t just stand still, nor stop, or even wonder when Salom takes you to her world, shows you her music, and offers her very own intoxicating style that will capture your every sensation in an instance.

A native of Colombia Salom has been singing all her life, and the spark began at an early age of 8, from the church choir to high school bands like “Fade to Black”, she has always searched for her “center” in music, and focused all her efforts to her first love, singing. Salom offers a whole new attitude to the ever growing Latin Fusion craze; she also brings her very own ‘brew’ of melodic interpretations that reach deep in to her exotic middle eastern origins…Latin music has a new angle, a new star that is about to explode.. and he name is Salom.
I didn’t write all of that out… I mean, I DID type it all out, but I wasn’t the person who composed it. It was something that someone wanted on their comp card. I just put it here because it was so wrong it was funny to me. Sometimes I have to print out crap stuff like that.
And speaking of crap stuff… Guess who had to quickly print out a logo type thing for The Fast and the Furious 2! I know it looks like ass, but you try coming up with something better in half a minute. They’re filming that movie here, and I guess they blew out the windows at Brahman on Biscayne.
And speaking of The FAsT and the Furious, check out this video clip from Stonehenge! You’ll need Quicktime, as always, and a bit of patience, as the video clip isn’t prepared for the internet… That means you’ll have to wait for it to fully download before it will start playing.

Here is another video clip from my trip


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