I’m not gay?

Posted On May 26, 2002

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mrs_james_black (02:02:46 PM): I had Saturday and Sunday off…yeah I didn’t do a thing cept yesterday I went to the zoo and to ToysRus lol
mrs_james_black (02:03:04 PM): hung out in ToysRus most of the day which is always fun hehe
fanless (02:03:18 PM): i just watch porn and eat cheetos all day long.
fanless (02:03:30 PM): not really.
mrs_james_black (02:03:30 PM): oh man that’s the life lol
mrs_james_black (02:03:34 PM): suuuuure
fanless (02:03:46 PM): yeah, it would be, but i don’t have anymore cheetos.
mrs_james_black (02:04:05 PM): haha damn the man, Imagine getting paid for doin that lol
mrs_james_black (02:04:34 PM): that would be heaven
fanless (02:04:35 PM): for sure.
mrs_james_black (02:04:37 PM): lol
mrs_james_black (02:05:15 PM): well I dunno bout watchin it but I know there’s good money in makin it lol
fanless (02:05:25 PM): true.
mrs_james_black (02:05:55 PM): not that I would know cuz, I don’t think they let virgins do porn lol
fanless (02:06:09 PM): you ca do anal and still be a vrgin.
fanless (02:06:27 PM): or just suck cock and take it on the face.
fanless (02:06:38 PM): or so i’ve heard.
mrs_james_black (02:06:39 PM): trueee..but I don’t do anal…sucking I can deal with lol
fanless (02:07:10 PM): i tried sucking cock for my first time last weekend, and I loved it!
fanless (02:07:14 PM): just kidding.
fanless (02:07:22 PM): I hated it!!
mrs_james_black (02:07:39 PM): haha this is gonna sound really weird but I did actually have a friend tell me that my head giving was straight out of a porno lol
mrs_james_black (02:07:51 PM): long story but I did it in a car and she was in the back seat lol
mrs_james_black (02:08:10 PM): haha u loved it admit it 😉
fanless (02:08:53 PM): i would be happy if i never saw another man’s wood.
mrs_james_black (02:08:59 PM): lol
fanless (02:09:11 PM): and i’m not gay.
fanless (02:09:16 PM): but my boyfriend is.
mrs_james_black (02:09:19 PM): lol
fanless (02:09:19 PM): not really.
mrs_james_black (02:09:24 PM): haha
fanless (02:09:26 PM): we’re both gay.
fanless (02:09:29 PM): not really.
fanless (02:09:33 PM): i like girls only.
mrs_james_black (02:09:36 PM): omg lol ur confusing meeeee
mrs_james_black (02:09:55 PM): lol I like girls only too 😀
fanless (02:10:15 PM): i like mothers.
mrs_james_black (02:10:26 PM): I like daughters
mrs_james_black (02:10:28 PM): lol

P.S.: The cheetos thing refers to the time Brandon had to go to the doctor because his wood turned orange. The doctor asked Brandon if he had any idea why it was orange, and Brandon said “I don’t know… All I do is sit at home watching porn and eating Cheetos.”


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