Posted On May 5, 2002

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Finally the internet offers me some of the drama I have hoped it would!
So there I am, rocking the couch, when my phone rings. I kinda expected it to be Wendy since there was talk about taking Zoe to the zoo today. I answered the phone and it was some dude asking me why I defaced his site. Straight away I figured it must be one of my friends trying to be funny, so I went along with it. I told the guy that I probably did it because I was bored. Then he said he was wondering if he had pissed me off or something, and I said that was probably it. Then he said probably not because he didn’t even know me.
At this point I was waiting for the joke to be over. The guy started to say bye or whatever, and I decided it wasn’t one of my friends and it wasn’t a joke at all. This guy really thought I defaced his site. FuX0rZ!!
FuX0rZ indeed! It turns out that this guy had his site hosted under one of my domains, fuX0rZ.com. The way it works is actually just DNS forwarding. You provide the IP# to your web server/site and you get a subdomain for whatever TLD you choose. The actual hosting is not done by me. I JUST own the domain name. He said his site was http://peanuter.fux0rz.com/ which, as you can see, goes to my site. He said he didn’t care about the site.. He just wanted to know if I was someone he had pissed off. I told him I had no cl00 what he was on about and that I didn’t deface his site. He said my name and address was listed on google or something, and I was like… Man, all that information is littered all over the internet. Who I am and where I am is no secret. (Christian Calzadillas 815 2nd St. Miami Beach, Fl. 33139 (305) 674-1354 CALL ME NOW I AM FUCKING BORED!! Here is where I live! ) I thought the dude was actually trying to look out for me by telling me how easy it was for him to contact me.
But then I think he called back later. The conversation went like this (as best as I can remember it):
Me: Hello?
Dude: Is this Christian?
Me: Yeah…?:
Dude: Christian, AKA (something… I dunno)
Me: Uh… What?
Dude: Christian AKA plastic?
Me: Nah…
Dude: Ok, whatever. (Like, with attitude.)
Me: Dude, I didn’t deface you*CLICK*

I think he’s kinda mad that http://peanuter.fux0rz.com/ points to my site.

So with about 35 seconds of investigating, what I already suspected was confirmed. This dude must have deleted his account. In fact, I think he told me that he deleted it when he gave up his broadband, in the first conversation. This is every account for fux0rz.com.
Bro, if you don’t have an account, then your site won’t show up! It will default to MY site! Try it… Replace “peanuter” with anything except for the words already taken. http://anythingatall.fux0rz.com/ http://fuckinggibberish.fux0rz.com/ http://ouashdfkljaslkdf.fux0rz.com/
If you don’t have an account, your shit won’t work!
I would expect a little more of an understanding of how things like this work from a guy who runs a site about Cisco routers or whatever the hell it is.


One Response to “fuX0rZ!”

  1. hyuga

    “TRY TURNING YOUR BRAIN ON!!” I shall have to use that one in the future.

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