please use my computAr to surf for pr0n!

Posted On April 11, 2002

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Today I confirmed something that I had suspected for a while…
This dude, Luis, comes in at night and does some scanning. I would show up to work in the morning, and my Photoshop pallets and my screen resolution would be changed. It was pretty annoying, and I said something about it. But nothing happened… So I did something about it. I set up my G3 from Lazerland as a scanning machine. I formatted and partitioned (2 Gigs for the system and apps [Photoshop, Nikon scan and Quark are really all it needs. I also installed Illustrator 10], and 10 Gigs for scans) the drive, installed Mac OS 9.2.2 and did a few practice scans. I went home thinking that I wouldn’t be annoyed straight away when I got to work the next morning. But I wasn’t quite that lucky. I was told that Photoshop kept crashing, so the film scanner had to be used on my G4 again. So I reconnected it to the G3 and tested it out again, and it worked fine for me.
That night I emptied my Recent Documents, Servers, and Applications folders before I left. the next morning my resolution was changed again, and Photoshop, Picture Viewer, and Internet Exploder had been used during the night. So I’m like, fuck, whatever… I can’t bitch about something so petty, even if it does annoy me. I did the same thing the next day, but forgot to check what had been run during the night. I don’t think anything had been changed the next morning… Maybe my screen resolution, but not my Photoshop pallets.
Last night I set the trap again, and this morning I checked to see what had been run, and it was the same 3 apps. This time, however, i thought I would see what he had been looking at, and this [April 8, 2002] is what I found.
I told Andrejko that “someone” had been looking at porn on my computer during the night, and he didn’t seem too concerned. Maybe because NOBODY ever touches his computer? I was like… “I’m getting grossed out!” and he asked me why it was gross.
Do you think this guy jerks off at my computer??
And… Ok, I doubt this would EVER happen, but what if he was looking at kiddie pr0n, and the FBI came into the office, and MY computer had kiddie pr0n on it? What am I gonna say??? “It wasn’t me!!”? Yeah, right… they’ll believe me.


4 Responses to “please use my computAr to surf for pr0n!”

  1. giles

    Time for Net Nanny?
    Or at least a can of compressed air to check for keyboard pubes.

  2. four_miles

    dude set up a camera and send the video to RealTV


      Good idea! (but I don’t know how I would ever pull that off.)

      • four_miles

        inspector gadget style, yo.
        set the camera up on a shelf like it’s just there on vacation and set the timer – if the timer doesnt wait long enough.. connect it somehow to a vcr timer or on remote control, even!
        go gadget, go!

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