Posted On March 11, 2002

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What is your take on this font collection? Would you call it a waste of $30?
I think I already have 60+% of the fonts, but I don’t know if I legally own them or not.


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  1. ibrad

    Posting in triplicate, are we?
    That link is to a .zip file.


      Yes, I’m trying to delete 2 of them. Have you tried using the livejournal site while not logged in? SLOW AS BALLS!!
      And I know it’s a .zip file. That’s the only way to see the fonts.

      • ibrad

        Are the actual fonts in the zip file? Or just pictures of them? How stupid, there has got to be samples of them on the site somewhere.
        And nope, I haven’t.. but I wouldn’t bet that people who post everything to two or three separate journals are helping the speed of the site.

      • fanless

        It’s a .pdf file with samples of the fonts (all 512) that has been zipped.

      • ibrad

        Well, providing they work, it’s hard to beat those 512 fonts for $30. 🙂

  2. gucky

    People BUY fonts?
    I have too many fonts to even remember which is san-serif and which is script.
    I’ve stopped including fonts in my Quark back-ups and just searching Google when I come to a font that’s not showing up.
    I’ll pay a client’s money for a House font or T-26, but for a Caslon that is just Adobe recycling the fonts that were Letraset in the 60s, I can’t bring myself to do it.


      Re: People BUY fonts?
      I bought every font diner font over the weekend.
      I buy at least 3 fonts a month. I can’t stop!

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