Summer Plans

Posted On March 8, 2002

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I have a couple of things that I don’t want to say… But I’ll say them anyways.
1) That Dell kid, “Steve”, was on the Tonight show tonight. I want to kill “Steven” in the face, but Ben Curtis isn’t such a bad guy. He kinda reminded me of me. Like, if I ever had a reason to be on the tonight show, and I was somewhat tore, I think I would have acted a lot like him. Scary, eh?

2) I’m starting to have some reservations about going to Washington State on May 1st. For some reason I’m not too stoked on going. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we don’t have any Blink 182 tickets yet, and IF we can get any, I’m sure they’ll be absolute shit. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m trying to save as much money as I can so I can dip to Alaska.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that as things stand now, I will be flying to Seattle on May 1st, and then back to Miami on the 4th ot the 5th. Then I’ll go to West Palm on the 15th, and to NYC on the 29th or the 30th. Then I’ll be flying back to Seattle on June 20th and come back to Miami on June the 24th. Then fly to NYC for MacWorld on July 15th or 16th. Then back to Miami on the 22nd. Then fly to Portland for the Washougal National on July 26th or 27th and fly back to Miami on the 28th or 29th.
Three flights to Seattle and two to NYC in 3 months? DAMN! I ain’t no high roller, don’t you know?
So I’m sure you can see how I’m not feeling the May 1st trip to Seattle. And I’m also not really feeling the May 29th NYC trip either. If I forgo both of those trips, then I don’t have to sweat any traveling until late June. I can handle that. I just hope Kim, Chad, and Brandon don’t get too pissed. Especially since I kinda flaked for the Bad Religion/Less than Jake show the other night.

I formatted the drive on my ThinkPad tonight, and reinstalled Windows 98. I got the entire install trimmed down to 750 MB. Now I’m downloading 89787346786 files from the Windows Update site. How many security patches can there be? I think I’m on my 6th restart.
I had a bitch of a time getting my computer to make a wireless connection to the net. I think I either had my WEP key typed in wrong, or I fixed whatever the problem by telling Windows to not automatically detect my proxy settings. Whichever it was, it’s working now. My shit is borderline fast again.
It’s nearly 3 AM and I’m not proof reading this.


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