Posted On March 7, 2002

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So there I am, rummaging around for a sweatshirt because it’s kinda cold out and I wanna go riding, when I hear me AOL IM blowing up on 2 computers! It’s Kim saying hi, and then she reminds me that Travis Barker is on Cribs in 10 minutes. What a life saver she is because I forgot and would have been pissed. So I put my riding on hold to watch Cribs. OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! Can you say Blyng Blyng!?? Travis’ house is teh BMOBS!! (Typos intended) I about had an orgasm when he was showing off his MonGster truck!! Travis (and all of his shit) rules!!
Kim called me in the middle of his segment because Travis was talking about his fiancĂ©. That kinda bummed her out, but we didn’t talk too long then. But she called back during some commercials and we talked about the show.
I never really thought about how much money they make. I thought his home was nice, but… I dunno… The style wasn’t really for me. It was just too nice. The fridge full of Heinekens was ALL ME! As was his DVD collection. I had all of the movies he mentioned, sans the pr0n. I was really hoping that he had a home studio and that he was rocking the Apple Computers, but they didn’t show any computers at all. But his cars made up for that. And nevermind his backyard!
I didn’t bother watching the rest of Cribs; I went riding instead.
I haven’t ridden my Show at all this year. In fact, the only time I have ridden anything other than my Pork this year is when Kim, Joy and I went riding, and I rode my Cruiser that day.
So I rode over to Penrod’s and rode around in the parking lot for about 2 hours. I love riding flatland!! I got sweaty as balls, but it was all gravy because I was having fun. I was sucking more than usual because there was a lot of sand on the ground, plus it had been raining most of the day, so the ground was pretty wet. But like I said, I had fun, and that’s pretty much what counts.

Adio Quantas


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