Big Pimpin at the Florida State Fair!

Posted On February 19, 2002

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Big Pimpin' at the Florida State Fair!
I don’t think a person has lived until they have traveled across the state of Florida in a VW Beetle with 3 cheerleader coaches. I really don’t.

I left my home at about 10 AM on Saturday, and caught a bus to the Metrorail station. Then I took the Metrorail to the Tri-Rail station. Then I took the Tri-Rail to West Palm, and Patrick picked me up, because Kim was borracho from the night before. Or maybe Elliot rocked it hardcore, and she had a sore cooter. I dunno… Whatever.
On the way to their apartment, Patrick said that Erica wanted to go see Crossroads with me. I was like… Who? And he asked me if I knew Kim’s friend Erica, and I said no. This was my first hint that Kim and I were not traveling alone. I figured she was some 12 year old from Kim’s team, but she turned out to be a 21 year old Giancarlo wannabe cheerleading coach.
When we got to their place, Britney Spears was on TV, so right away I was into that. (Not really, but I faked like I was. Her hat was kinda wrecking it for me) A few minutes later Kim gave me a dope new bracelet, and a few minutes after that Erica showed up. And then a few minutes after that Stephanie showed up. And then a whole bunch of minutes after that we finally left.
First stop was Wendy’s and from when we left the parking garage, until after we left Wendy’s I was talking to Brandon, and I really wasn’t able to A)hear him, or B) keep up with the conversation because I was also trying to hear what the 3 cheerleaders were saying.
So then we were finally on the road and we drove and drove and drove and then we stopped and Kim and I peed and I got another drink, and then we drove and drove and drove and then we stopped and I peed and got another drink and then we drove and drove and drove and turned around and then there we were.
The funniest thing happened as we were pulling into the Days Inn parking lot… I forget who said what, but I think Stephanie said “Erica, there’s your boyfriend.”, meaning a dude that was out front sweeping, or something, and then I think Erica yelled at the poor guy and said that her friend thought he was hot. That was all funny in itself, but it was the most funny to me when we were checking into the hotel, and that guy was behind the counter. He was kinda cool though… He gave me an Apple.
And then… We checked into our rooms, and changed and we went to the fair. We watched some cheerleading teams do their thing, and then we left.
We went back to our hotel rooms and got changed again. I thought we were gonna go to Y Bor City, and I was gonna maybe (but probably not) bust some moves on some ladies, so I took a shower. As I was finishing getting ready, Kim came over and said we were maybe gonna get pizza instead of going out. I was pretty bummed because for the previous week all I had heard about at work was how much I would like Y Bor City, and blah blah blah… And the more I thought about how much preparing for this trip I had done during the week, the more bummed I got. Like, not drinking, and doing my laundry Thursday night, and would I have even gone if I thought the highlight of the trip would be the fair…? But I was totally trying to keep in mind that we were not there for me in any way. So I was like… “Fuckit! I’ll have fun no matter what we do.” So we went to Hooters.
My buffalo shrimp was the bomb, but they never brought my (or Stephanie’s) curly fries.
The 4 of us drank 2 pitchers of Coors Light, and Stephanie and I each drank a pounder after that. Erica the genius didn’t have ID, but they let her drink anyways. Only, she didn’t really drink… She just kinda sipped a very little amount.
Kim and I went to the gift shop and spent nearly $55!! I got a dope visor, and Kim got some stuff for her and Brandon.
We went back to the hotel room, and then everyone came to my room and then I was all alone.
I felt kinda bad the whole time because Erica was supposed to stay in some other hotel, but ended up staying with Kim and Stephanie. That meant 3 girls in one room with 2 beds, and me all alone in my room with 2 beds. I thought about offering my extra bed to Erica, but something told me not to. I think it was the way Stephanie and Kim kept ignoring Erica’s… um… Complaints that were requests… Or requests that were in complaint form. I dunno, but something told me it would be a bad idea. The same for loaning her money, since she kept saying she only had $6.
The next morning I slept in until about 9, and at about 10 Kim came over and then we went to the fair. Stephaine and Erica had been there since earlier in the day.
The fair was pretty fun. It had all of the usual stuff. I think I ate 3 corndogs, one of which Stephanie put between her legs! I bought a lot of crap, including some almost too hot to eat, “Chernobyl”, $15 beef jerky, and some cheese that I’m too scared to eat, since it wasn’t refrigerated for about a day. Kim and Stephanie rode a mechanical bull and then we drove home.
The next morning Kim and I went to Best Buy, and I bought 3 DVDs (Jeepers Creepers, Made, and Brian Deegan’s Total Chaos) and the Disturbed CD. From Best Buy we went to a gas station that had a Subway in it, and got sandwiches. Then Kim drove me home. I took a shower and went to work. I got there at about 5:30 and went home at 6:45.
I watched all 3 new DVDs, did a little bit of work on my Mac, and went to bed.
All in all, it was a dope trip, and I’m very glad I went. I thought it was just going to be Kim and me, but I think it was better with the other 2 girls there.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up doing it again.


6 Responses to “Big Pimpin at the Florida State Fair!”

  1. ibrad

    bling bling.. what you be holding in yo’ hand?



      • ibrad

        Do you smoke?
        I thought I would ask what it was before I asked if you smoke, and ask if you smoke before I comment on smoking.

      • FANLESS

        1 /-\1/\/ 7 4 5/\/X3rZ!!!!!@221!!!!!

      • ibrad

        Ok, I think I am starting to understand now… so you don’t smoke? Is that correct?

      • FANLESS

        Jez. Dat iz write.

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