Posted On December 23, 2001

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Her vagina was on my back!
Pics from POPLIFE (12-23-01)

Pics from ¡FUACATA! (12-13-01), GameWorks (12-14-01) and POPLIFE
(The first few are from Washington State)

Pics from ¡FUACATA! (11-15-01)

Other things…
NYC Trip 2001 (July 16-22, 2001)

NYC Trip 2000 (September 11-14, 2000)

Vans Warped Tour 1999 (7-31-99) and 2000 (7-29-00)

Vans Warped Tour 2001 (7-29-01)

Chad’s Birthday party in 2000

Night of the Blink 182 show last year (5-19-00)

Lost Weekend (5-08-00)

August 2000

Party in South Miami – Adam’s car got trashed… Toiletries were pissed
in. (08-26-00)

Buzz Bake Sale 2000 (11-05-00)

Buzz Bake Sale 2001 (12-01-01)

BBQ at South Pointe Park and Dave and Busters (I forget the date…
November something 2000)

MxPx Show (April 2000)

Trip to Merritt Island (Paradise Funplex) with some Swiss girls and
Diego. (I can’t remember when… December 1999?)


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