Two down, one to go!

Posted On November 28, 2001

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So there I am… Trying to restore my /bs folder when all of a sudden my computer takes a shit on me.
First I noticed that I didn’t have any bookmarks for my FTP client, but I figured that I had just launched a version that didn’t have any saved bookmarks. I have 8767655 different systems on this computer, and I also have 876576 different versions of some software titles. So I wasn’t too worried that for some reason I didn’t have the bookmarks I thought I should have.
But then I noticed that the 404 items from the /bs folder on my zip disk were missing. And that’s when I got the little pop-up message saying “The disk “FANLESS” appears to be damaged. Use a disk repair utility to repair the disk.” So I’m like… Yeah, whatever computer… So I just restart.
After my restart, all of the files on my zip disk are back, but my Mac OS X partition will not mount. This is the volume that has my FTP client, and now I’m getting a little worried. I figure it just need a directory rebuild or whatever it is Disk Warrior does, so I run that. It gets stuck on step 6, but I let it go for a while… like 45 minutes. Finally, I force quit it and do some other things. Disk Firstaid won’t fix the problem. Neither will Norton SystemWorks. By now it’s like 3 AM and I need to go to bed, so I start DiskWarrior again, and let it run all night. 6 hours later, and it’s still stuck on step 6.
So now I own 3 computers, and 2 of them are b0rked. This leaves me with my speedy 33Mhz Quadra 800.
I would just initialize my Mac OS X partition, but I haven’t backed it up in more than 2 weeks, because I’m fat and lazy. And Mexican.


One Response to “Two down, one to go!”

  1. robrippin

    Is being a fat, lazy Mexican similar to being a fat, lazy, worthless, jobless (well, I will be working at CompUSA soon/my interview is today), half Austrian, half Canadian?
    I forgot to mention lately on LJ that I have successfully upgraded my Powermac G3 to a G4 500Mhz Zif with 768MB ram (Maxed out) with Mac OS X 10.1.1 I can’t wait until Adobe carbonizes their products. Especially Photoshop! Come on Adobe!!!
    It’s pretty stable and rocks like a motha fucka! Now, all I need is an iPod… (Good thing that CompUSA sells them, cuz then I get to get it at an employee discount.

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