Posted On November 25, 2001

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I always hear about people using Photoshop, but I wonder how many people actually own it.


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  1. robrippin

    What? You mean that you actually have to purchase software you use on a computer? What a novel idea!
    Too bad it will never work.


      Re: w4r3z
      I don’t have any warezed software on my Mac.
      Everything from Sitecam 6 to Photoshop 6 is legit.
      I even BUY my fonts!
      However, WinZip and CuteFTP are cracked on my ThinkPad.

      • ibrad

        Re: w4r3z
        ha! sucker..

      • FANLESS

        Re: w4r3z
        Well… my software is kinda legit.
        Photoshop 4 came with a scanner that I did not purchase. But I did purchase the 6.0 upgrade.
        And Sitecam was bought at the student rate, even though I was not a student at the time. I used someone elses .edu email address.
        And a couple of other titles haev kinda shady beginings… But it’s way more legit than warez!

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