I have no idea what I just said.

Posted On November 23, 2001

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Who was the genius that gave me 4 days off of work?
I hate days off of work because all I do is surf the net and get annoyed by people I don’t even know.
Like this guy.
I think his parents didn’t pay enough attention to him while he was growing up, and now he feels like he has to be as different from what society calls “normal” in order to make up for the attention he missed out on.
I’m all about originality and such… But dude, eat a fucking burger already, and calm the fuck down!

On the other hand, sometimes so much free time allows me to stumble upon things like this, which I WOULD!! (assuming she’s old enough, which I doubt)


2 Responses to “I have no idea what I just said.”

  1. robrippin

    Someone has been checking out the MOC interest group…


      Indeed. And what a sad sad collective group I find them to be.
      (but not nearly as sad as the selfinjury community)

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