…cause you’re the Fonz…

Posted On November 22, 2001

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So like I said yesterday, I made a pretty big mistake at work. It’s actually not a big mistake, in the grand scheme of things… But it was the biggest mistake I had ever made.
I had an order of 500 flip cards to print on the Xerox machine, and a 200 flip card order to print on my Canon CLC-900.
I started printing the 200 card order on my 900, because it takes way way longer, and I can only fit around 30 sheets of cardstock in the bypass at a time.
After I got that order running, I started printing the 500 card order on the Xerox. Then I went and ate my lunch.
18 minutes later I was finished with my lunch, and I went to flip my 500 cards over. I can fit 4 flip cards on one sheet of paper, so I printed 125 sheets. Actually, 130 sheets because some always get hosed. I got the 2nd side started printing, and sat back down at my computer to start on something else. That’s when i noticed a little note on the order that I was supposed to change the dress size from 4/6 to 6. I had seen that note the day before, but I forgot about it!
It sucked so much, because I just wasted 130 sheets of paper, and the paper is like $1.17 for each sheet. And each copy that runs through the printer costs $.45 I think. So that was about $215 down the tube. I felt like my name was Giancarlo after that.
AND THEN… After I stopped the Xerox from printing the rest of the 2nd side, I looked at the 200 card order, and noticed that I forgot to move the S.A.G./A.F.T.R.A. sticker from the front of the card to the back. But that wasn’t nearly as expensive of a mistake.
I just couldn’t believe that I fucked both of the orders up. It was like I forgot to turn my brain on or something.


3 Responses to “…cause you’re the Fonz…”

  1. robrippin

    Splash Technology G610?
    I was wondering about how you have the Xerox machine hooked up to your computer. Do you have a Splash Technology G610 or G710? Because I believe (from what Splash Tech Support said) I have a Splash G610 PCI board. It came with this Powermac G3 desktop I won on ebay.
    I noticed that at Splash’s Web Site, that it doesn’t talk about the G610, instead there is the G620… It’s probably an updated version, but I couldn’t get any info on the G610 there!
    I was curious as to how much this thinggy costs and could sell for on ebay. Probably more then the price of the computer ($300) it came in?

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