Spending Money

Posted On November 17, 2001

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I decided to spend some money today. Actually, I started yesterday after work by going to Spec’s. I kinda got my ass kicked there, because out of the 6 or 7 CDs I was looking for, I only found 2 of them. And I wasn’t too willing to pay $17 for the Mest CD, so I just came home with Sugarcult. It’s ok, but it’s kinda too wussy.
Lastnight I spent a lot of money too, but I already went on and on about that.
Today I bought some CDs…
Wasting Time ~ MEST
Jettingham ~ Jettingham
Hot & Miss ~ A New Found Glory (MAJOR typo on Amazon.com’s part. It’s really Hit or Miss… Unless the Aussie Import is actually called “Hot & Miss”, which I doubt.)
It’s All About the Girls ~ New Found Glory
Love and Kisses from the Underground ~ Handsome Devil
Falling into Place ~ Finch
And then I went over to Chank.com and bought some fonts. (SparkyType Fontpak and All-Star Retrofonts)
And now I’m trying to spend more money but I haven’t decided what I’m getting.


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