You are pollslut #3873 thus far.

Posted On October 26, 2001

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I scored 4 on the CyberWhore Poll!


Since you’ve finally gotten yourself on this new-fangled internet thingy, you’ve gone out of your way to avoid anything that might sully the pure image you hold of yourself. You’re simply above all that, right? Hmmm… what’s this here in your history folder?


One Response to “You are pollslut #3873 thus far.”

  1. robrippin

    hehe, I got 9! I am such a slut!

    I scored 9 on the CyberWhore Poll!

    You’re an AVERAGE USER!
    Yeah, I know, you’ve only “popped in” to “those rooms” once or twice, just like everybody else. You’ve kept an open mind, but have probably done more looking than doing. You may eventually tire of the net’s more racy options, or develop a taste for something a bit more exotic, but chances are you will remain in the middle of the bell curve with your ovine brethren. Baaa!

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