Posted On October 25, 2001

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When a person gets tested for Anthrax, what exactly happens? Does the test hurt?
What are the symptoms for Anthrax?


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  1. Anonymous

    Anthrax Symptoms
    Flu-like symptoms

  2. girl_on_a_stick

    They call the test a “nasal swab,” but it’s not just running a q-tip around your nose.
    It involves sticking a long metal tool way up your nose and scraping the inside to collect a tissue sample.
    Doesn’t sound fun to me.

  3. ngb2k

    As it sayed like a flu…
    …when your lungs are infected with Anthrax, what’s not so easy. More often you get infected over microwounds in your skin. This let the skin infect around these areas with a red rash, who must be hurting or itching, too, I guess.

  4. robrippin

    Hezeus Crust!
    I guess you are going to get your wish, and die soon.
    And I may come next… Probably not, since I only puked once so far, and my stomach is feeling better.

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