Posted On October 14, 2001

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I know you’ve already seen this, but everyone and their anus is doing it in some Yahoo! clubs, so I figured I would do it again cos I’m bored and very proud of where I live…
I live here!


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  1. rnddaway

    I used to live on 15th and is crazy so I moved up to 74th and Byron…cheaper more space, but I miss SoBe.
    But I visit my friends often.
    Dunno why I volunteered all of that…lol

    • fanless

      I live on 2nd and work on 9th. I don’t own a car, but I have 4 bicycles… So it’s worth the extra rent money for me to live so far south.

      • rnddaway

        How cool is that neighborhood now?

      • fanless

        It’s loud, thanks to the construction on the 89766757566 new apartment buildings going up.
        And it’s not so “exclusive” anymore.
        And seemingly more expensive than ever.

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