Posted On October 13, 2001

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I just don’t understand why anyone would pay money to look at 77 pictures of a boney albino laying on her floor!


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  1. girlstar313

    some people are into that..infact most guys are…

    • dethbunny

      Nah not really just enough guys to make us all look bad.
      Also, Mister FANLESS is a bit partial here, I mean, he usually gets paid to look at pictures (and fix them up) rather than the other way around 😉

      • girlstar313

        yah..i guess..but i think hes talking about one lj user that is a member of the mac community…or maybe not..
        maybe its just oklahoma guys..but they all like anorexic looking fact OU had like a huge rate of anorixic girls floating around…

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