What even is wrong with these people?

Posted On October 4, 2001

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Who in the hell would pay $5 for this “Outstanding” ” Magnificently-Scripted — God Bless America” sticker??
And it’s $10 if you use paypal!?
Shit, that was the 2nd time today I posted to the wrong journal. This time I’m going to leave it.


One Response to “What even is wrong with these people?”

  1. giles

    That there sticker says God Bless America!
    That’s almost as good as this truck I saw a couple days ago, with a great big confederate flag flying from one side of the bed and the stars and stripes from the other side… except the stars and strips had some kind of patriotic mural superimposed over the middle of it.
    I still think you’re dead or drunk though.

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