Posted On August 16, 2001

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…which reminds me of something that happened while my parents were here…
I ordered the tickets for the Marlins game, over the net, while we were in Kansas, or Missouri, or somewhere… That’s not important. Anyways, when we went to the game I had to stand in line at will call for more than 30 minutes, and the lady standing in front of me had been in line for at least that long. When she was at the teller window, she said, ” I think you gave me the wrong tickets, because I have 4 tickets here, and I only ordered 3, and I can’t tell if these are the right seats because there is no information printed on them.” Then the teller explained to her that the top “ticket” was actually a receipt, and that there were actually only 3 tickets, and they were in fact the right ones.
The stupid fucking lady stood in line for more than 30 minutes for no fucking reason!
D U M B A S S !!!
So as we were walking to our seats, I was telling my mom the story, and I said “Man, I could never marry a woman that dumb!” and my mom said, “it’s a good thing you’re not married to me.” I think she was expecting me to tell her she’s not dumb, because she looked like I hurt her feelings when I just said “Yeah, really!”
The end.


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  1. acadiabaird

    HA! good one………….

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