Posted On August 14, 2001

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Dear Quark X-press,
You suck because you don’t have a history pallet like Photoshop. Sometimes I make several changes, and then I decide I don’t want to make those changes. If you had a history pallet like Photoshop, then I could undo the things I don’t want done.
I hate you because I can’t undo more than one thing. And your keyboard shortcuts suck. And you’re slow. And you keep my files open even though the document isn’t open, so then I have to quit you so I can save my changes in Photoshop. Because you suck!


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  1. gucky

    There is always Adobe InDesign…
    (But good luck finding a vendor who takes the output)


      InDesign isn’t really an option because we would need to reprint orders later on, and odds are that I won’t be here at that time, and probably someone who knows InDesign wouldn’t be either.
      Plus, we can’t really have some orders done in Quark, and some in InDesign.

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