Posted On August 12, 2001

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Earlier I went for a ride, and I ended up at Subway.
There were 2 girls, probably from New York, (or maybe they were Jersey Dirt) in line in front of me. One of them turned to me and said I had nice legs and that she liked them. I said thanks, and then she started to be all flirty and was asking me a bunch of annoying questions.
As I was leaving, she said “Hey, do you want to go to the beach with us?” I looked back at her, and gave her the “what the fuck are you even talking about?” look, and said “I’d rather take a shit than go to the beach with you!? Then I rode off.
Normally, I WOULD! But this girl thought she was soooo bomb and that she could have her way with anyone that it was really annoying.
If she would have had a cooler attitude about it, I would be at the beach right now.


3 Responses to “”

  1. punkinpea

    You have nice legs. I like them.

  2. girlstar313

    girls are mean 😦

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