Posted On August 12, 2001

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Everyone and their asshole is talking about “Trading Spaces”.
My only fear is that 89763495893247 girls (or dudes, I guess) in middle America (or wherever) are going to watch this show, snake a couple of ideas, and then decide that they’re “designers/decorators” because they watched a show on tv.
I mean, I already get the feeling that the people on the show don’t even know what they’re doing, but that’s based on the very few times I have seen the show.
Or maybe I’m just dumb.


4 Responses to “”

  1. girlstar313

    umm..whats trading spaces??

    • dethbunny

      All I knos is it’s interior decoration with a time limit or something, btu it looked somewhat stupid. I just happened to see a bit of it, had never hear of it before.

  2. dethbunny

    I thought you said (okay wrote) “Trading Places” first…and I was thinkign abotu thsi show on MTV where they had the mom be the daughter for the day adn teh daughter be the mom for the day…then I remembered that show is called “Flipped.” Oh well. (it’s funny though. ‘specially seeing this 40-year-old mom dressed up as a teeny bopper)

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