Posted On August 11, 2001

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Some people need to realize that they don’t belong in the fashion modeling business!
As always, the printed version looks 876886576857897979009 times better than it does on the screen. And my printed version looks 7687566756584564573457345345 better than the print that it started as. If you ask me, anyways.
It was a bitch getting rid of most of the zits because there wasn’t any clear skin to clone from.
When I first pulled out the order, I thought it was a joke. I kept saying “What the fuck even is this?” and stuff like that, for about 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe it was for real. Raul was laughing at me the whole time because he knew about it, since he was the one that scanned the order.
Plus, I had to haul ass to get it done because my parents were there, waiting for me to leave work. So I got the proof done in about an hour.



  1. acadiabaird

    well, you made her look quite a bit better…………………..


      I guess so, but she still doesn’t have any business trying to be a model.

  2. girlstar313

    maybe she could be on one of those acne medications models..like the before the use of this product ones…hehe…


      I think she’s beyond the help of any miracle zit medicine.

      • girlstar313

        yah..shes got some funky hair..and she needs some twezzers..but what would i know…

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