Posted On August 11, 2001

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I have a new plan…
Fly to OKC on September 15th.
Bone 89764376789234598234 OU girls on the 16th.
See Blink 182 on the 17th.
Fly home on the 18th.
That is my plan.
Now I just need to talk to my cousin about it.


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  1. segue

    There’s a new OU girl enrolled every minute.
    You’d die before you got to the newest one.

  2. girlstar313

    yah yah soo fucking happy that blink is comeing to oklahoma of all palces…its goona soo rawk…
    ohh and good luck with OU you girls…if ya like skinny soho bitches youll do fine…


      How do I get tickets to the show?
      The fair site is quite incomplete, assuming I was looking at the right site.

      • girlstar313

        oklahomas kinda lame..most concerts dont go though ticketmaster here…at least none of the ones that i go to…but i think if its at the state fair either their ticket office will handle it or the myrids will…ill have to ask linnzi she heard about on the radio…and since i dont listen to the radio…i dont konw that much info on it..

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