Posted On August 11, 2001

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I’ve been thinking about going to Seybold, but I’m pretty burned out on traveling right now.
I HOPE to be ready for a trip East later this year. If I can get a ticket(s) to the Paris-Bercy Supercross, then I do believe I’ll go.
I axed Kim if she wanted to go with me, but she didn’t sound too interested. She said $500+ for the weekend was too much. And this is coming from a girl that wears $150 jeans. OK.
Paris in November!


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  1. girlstar313

    you can *hopefully* wear jeans more then one weekend though…ya know…

    • Anonymous

      you can *hopefully* remember/recollect/bethink oneself/recall/retrace/look back/trace back/think back/carry one’s thoughts back to the things we saw/did/experienced/learned/tasted/felt/heard/whatever, more than one weekend though…ya know…

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