Posted On August 10, 2001

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Today I saw Dave Navarro in Key West.
He was selling t-shirts on the street. 4 for $10.
Me: What’s up Dave Navarro?
Dave: Gonna buy a shirt?
Me: Um… No.


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  1. girlstar313

    dude 4 shirts for 10 should have hopped on that train…


      Dave’s shirts were pretty lame.
      Like, all touristy looking with “Key West” and “Florida” on them in dumb fonts.
      And they were hypercolor, and tye-dyed, and acid washed.
      If Dave Navarro was selling ringer tees for $2.50 each, I woulod have bought 50 of them.
      Because that’s just about the only kind of shirt I wear.

      • girlstar313

        blahh..dumb fonts…
        i have lots of ringers too..but they are like baby t ones…with cheesey things on them like rainbow bright…and jem and carebares..and lucky charms….im sure you get the idea…

  2. sivatonight

    This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I had a dream about you.
    That statement will probably frighten you, but I told you anyways.


      I think dreams involving me are usually called NIGHTMARES!

      • sivatonight

        Well, not this one. 🙂

      • FANLESS

        Did I get to be a pizza delivery guy, or something just as cool?

      • sivatonight

        LOL. Not quite. It was really nothing big, but it was interesting, shall we say.

      • FANLESS

        Was my hair extra poofy? Because chicks like that. That’s how come I’m soo cool.

      • sivatonight

        I really can’t recall extra poofy hair, which is probably a good thing, because I’m not sure if I like really poofy hair. Do you mean poodle-like poofy? Or just soft and fluffy poofy?

      • FANLESS

        I’m poodle-like poofy, all the way!

      • sivatonight

        Hmmmm .. I don’t recall poodle-like poofy hair on you. Actually, I think your hair was really short, only a couple of inches.

      • FANLESS

        “…was really short, only a couple of inches.”
        I get pretty scared when I see things like this said about me.

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