Sometimes I forget!

Posted On August 7, 2001

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One time I filled something out, or gave someone my number, but I wrote down my name as “Adam Rush”. I can’t remember what it was for, but I think it was kinda shady, and that’s why I didn’t use my real name.
Someone just called asking for “Adam Rush”, and I didn’t remember that one time I used that name until after I had told them that “Adam Rush” wasn’t here.
It was probably some bomb girl that wanted my hog, or something. I was probably too tore to know what I was doing when I wrote my name as “Adam Rush”, which would explain why I can’t really remember actually doing it.
Limp Bizkit seems to be associated with it for some reason, but I didn’t drink the night I saw them, and there really haven’t been too many times that I have drank this year.
It also seems like I didn’t give them my real number, but I just can’t remember.


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