Posted On August 5, 2001

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I want to say something about my mom’s cousin’s daughters, but I’m too lazy.
Or not…
Girls that drive tractors own!
The only thing wrong with these girls, besides the fact that we’re related, is that they were way too intimidating to me.
My dad told me all kinds of stories about one of them, and my grandma kept going on about the other one. And this was before I even met either of them. So they were kind of put on a pedestal without even knowing it (in my eyes, anyways). They probably thought I was stuck up, or something, but really I just didn’t feel up to their level of… Greatness, or whatever.
Anyways, those two girls ruled, and their parents are rad too. I talked to their parents a lot more than the 2 daughters.
And my dad is kinda upset because the Mariners were up 14 – 2, but now it’s 14-11.


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