Posted On August 5, 2001

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I took a piss in Topeka.


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  1. girlstar313

    thanks for shareing 🙂


      As we were leaving Manhattan, I bought 44 OZ of Rootbeer.
      Fifty something miles away, in Topeka, my cup was empty.
      I thought I was going to break a Kidney, or something.

      • girlstar313

        soo ya went in the cup..haha..kidding 🙂

      • FANLESS

        No, I made my dad stop at a gas station, where my dad said “Why don’t you go get the key for the bathroom…” and then while I was inside, getting the key, he took cuts and went into the bathroom, because there was no need for a key.
        Then I bought 44 OZ of Lemonade.
        And we drove another 50 miles…

      • girlstar313

        haha..sounds like something my dad would do…the key thing….
        mabye you should stay away from the 44oz things 🙂

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