…and now I can’t even post this…

Posted On August 2, 2001

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So there I am, at Specs, and I’m thinking to my self… “Do not buy every butt-cheek-related product in the store! Do not buy every butt-cheek-related product in the store! Do not buy every butt-cheek-related product in the store!”
The first thing I see is Alien Ant Farm. It’s on my list, so I grab it. I look around for The Crystal Method, but I have no idea what I’m looking for. On top of that, I’m not even sure that it’s out, because the dude in New York said it had been pushed back to November, or something, but someone on the net said it was coming out “tomorrow”, and that was on Monday. So I wander around and wander around. I’m thinking that if I see the 2001 Vans Warped Tour CD, that I’ll grab that too, but I never saw it. Finally a dude axes me if I need any help, and I ax him if there is a new Crystal Method CD out. (Am I supposed to say “Is the new The Crystal Method CD out?” Because that extra “the” sounds kinda dumb. I mean, I realize that’s part of their name, but…?)
(And then as I was typing this Chad called me to tell me he saw Nina on “ESPN Deuce Deuce” lastnight.)
Anyways, the dude showed me where the new The Crystal Method CD was, and that should have been it. I should have walked to the counter and paid for my things.
But then I noticed something… Specs sells Dreamcast games! And then I noticed something else, and I started about the next few days, and I remembered that I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling alone, and I thought… “Hmmm… They’re selling Gameboy Advance games here. I wonder if they sell the whole system. I’m sure they do. I need something to waste my time while I spend 98476478 hours away from home.” So I looked around for a Gameboy Advance, but I didn’t find any. I axed the dude at the counter if they sold them, and he didn’t seem too on top of it, so I decided that Specs didn’t need my $200 that I had just earned today. Instead, I decided to just take my CD player, but I was thinking… “I don’t wanna take 986876865 CDs with me.” Then I remembered that my CD player also plays MP3s burned to a CD in .MP3 format. That means I can fit 986877890 hours of music on one CD. And then I remembered that I stepped on my headphones a few weeks ago, because I’m lazy and dirty and fat and mexican, so they were on the floor instead of wherever they should have been, and now they’re broken. So I bought new headphones instead of a Gameboy Advance and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for it.
I’ll just dust off my Sega GameGear from 1990, and take that instead, because it’s butt-cheek-related.


2 Responses to “…and now I can’t even post this…”

  1. girlstar313

    do ya like the new crystal method cd? i want it bad…i about wore vegas out…..
    ya stil have your gamegear..ya freak..kidding


      I actually have 2 GameGears. A plain Black one I got the day they came out, and a Blue one I got a couple of years later.

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