“fanless”? Yeah, right!

Posted On August 1, 2001

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Kim just called me to tell me that there are 3 Indonesian/Swiss girls staying at her home.
Kim’s mom had gone to Switzerland with her friend, and these 3 girls are Kim’s mom’s friend’s nieces. (or something)
Anyways, kim said I WOULD!
Big boobs!
Phat ass!
AND… They’re going to the Blink 182 show with us tomorrow.
Who needs a reluctant bomb Aussie girl when you’ve got THREE (3) Indonesian Swiss girls?
Props to Kim for hooking me up!


One Response to ““fanless”? Yeah, right!”

  1. girlstar313

    woohoo…the possiblity of getting some action…and blink..lucky you..have fun 🙂

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