Posted On July 31, 2001

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25.5 hours ago, I sent this girl an email.
Why am I not shocked I haven’t received a reply yet?
Just like this girl, my Photoshop and XPress skills seem to be inaccessable. I keep pressing the Z key in Quark to zoom.
Kim is going to come and get me on Thursday, and take me to the show. I’ll get a ride home with dippy. It seems kinda dumb for her to go from West Palm, to Miami Beach, to get me, and then drive back to the show in West Palm. But I’m not bitching. I’m thankful. I’d rather go with her than anyone else I could think of. I just hope that monster zit on her chin is gone.
When we were flying home from New York, the zit on her chin kept tapping me on the shoulder, and asking if we were there yet. It was really annoying.


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