I would, but she hits my #1 pet peeve so hard…

Posted On July 30, 2001

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There is this girl that is about 3 years younger than me, and does not live near me, and I always seem to bug her 3rd grade style, and I don’t know if I like her or not, but I seem to dig most of the things she’s into, so that’s good, and she just seems all around cool, but for the love of God, PLEASE LEARN TO USE A FUCKING SPELL CHECKER!!!!!!!!!
(Yeah, it’s one long sentence. That’s my new style because it’s amusing.)


3 Responses to “I would, but she hits my #1 pet peeve so hard…”

  1. girlstar313

    some people just cant spell..you shouldnt hold that against them….who ever they are 🙂 and spell check is great and all but not eveything has it..ya know..


      There is a spell checker built into LiveJournal. Maybe not for comments, but it works pretty good for journal entries.
      And any email client worth being used has a spell checker built in.

    • dethbunny

      That’s not really an excuse…if you know you have bad spelling (which you should if you do…) then download a spell-check program. They are available for pretty much any platform and can even check thing sin your clipboard…type in what you want to say, copy, run the spell check, paste it back. Click submit.
      example Windows program
      example Mac program

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