…but I guess it all depends… (undergarments)

Posted On July 30, 2001

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“No sweat” seems to be the phrase of the month for me. That, and dippy words. Izezzy, sssgood, spat… You know the type.
And all day, for some reason, I was thinking about something.
Did you know that I have only met one person that I first knew from the internet?
Did you also know that I lived with that person for 4 months in a studio apartment? It’s true.
And then someone that I didn’t even know existed 2 hours ago asked if I would like to meet them.
Of course I said sure. I mean, it’s no sweat for me, and if you’re new to an area, and you don’t know very many people, a person could ask to meet people much worse than me. (as well as people much better than me, but I’m not that shabby)
And I started typing this earlier today.


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