Because I know you love Benji and Joel!

Posted On July 29, 2001

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Good Charlotte owns you!
A lot of the pics look hosed, and I think it’s because it was so hot and humid, my lens was fogging up.
I didn’t cull any of the photos because I’m lazy.


4 Responses to “Because I know you love Benji and Joel!”

  1. kornstaind

    Yay!! hehe =) sexay

  2. girlstar313 riding the slow train and stuff…..
    anyways..nice pics 😉


      Did you just say you ride the short bus?

      • girlstar313

        i didnt say bus..i said train..come on..its someting my friend and i all probally will make no sense to you..but like if your poor you ride the poor train..if your tired..your riding the tired train…if ya want mike like i do ya say i wann ride the mike train…now that i said all that i look like a loser..but thats what the deal is….
        besided the short bus left long ago..and i got tired of chaseing it 😉

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