Posted On July 28, 2001

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Dear GabbyMoe,
Am I in love? You’re darn tootin’!
But not with some girl on a BMX bike in New York City. Oh no, I am somewhat (trying to be) involved with “THE ONE”.
Yes, I said it… “THE ONE”! I have never believed in my gut feelings more than this one. Even the time I had a gut feeling to check to make sure the power was off to some electrical leads a friend and I were working on, and we found out the power was not off. That gut feeling saved our lives.
The problem is, “the one” seems to have a few issues with me, and she seems to be turning into “not the one”, even though I really really want her to be the one.
It’s a really strange thing… I’m sitting there, wondering why she would shine me the way I feel she has, when she starts telling me how I mis-treated her all along.
Normally I would just play it off as a joke, or a misunderstanding. But this time I think she hit the nail on the head. She showed me that yes, I was indeed wrong. I feel very bad for that.
Our relationship had been an interesting one… Much like a hangnail. At first you just kinda mess around with it. You get a little more into it, and sometimes it hurts. Actually, it hurt a lot. Usually when something hurts you just stop doing whatever it is that hurts. But with a hangnail/relationship, you keep pulling and pulling, no matter how bad it hurts. You just can’t stop. You almost can’t control yourself.
I’m still in awe of what just happened, so I don’t know if the hangnail just tore off freely, or if it got so deep and hurt so much that it just couldn’t be pulled any more.
But I do know one thing… I was wrong in what I thought, and in the way I treated the person that meant the most to me… “THE ONE”!
And knowing that hurts more than any hangnail.


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