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Posted On July 27, 2001

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Is this a reason for a small argument, or not?
Say you’ve made plans with a girl (we’ll call the girl “Wendy”) and you tell her to pick you up at work, at 6pm, so that you can go to a movie together.
If “Wendy” makes plans to have the babysitter (Diora) come to her home in Miami at 7pm, and your office and the movie theater is in Miami Beach, doesn’t that cause an extra trip to Wendy’s home in Miami?
(Wendy and Zoe go from their home in Miami, to the office in Miami Beach, back to their home in Miami to leave Zoe with the babysitter, and then back to Miami Beach to see the movie. Plus, since the movie starts at 7:20, that means you have to haul ass.)
It seems to me that it would have been smarter to leave Zoe with the babysitter before leaving Miami for the first time.
Maybe I just think differently than everyone else, and my logic is off.
At least she wore what Chad and Kim have dubbed “Wendy pants”.
I think we were at the Blink 182 show last Saturday, or at least it was somewhere in New York, when…
Me: …so if a girl wants my hog, she just needs to wear pants like that.
Chad and Kim at the same time: Wendy pants?
Me: Yeah, I guess. I would bone any girl that wears pants like that. Even if you’re a 240 shorty. It’s all about the pants!


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