Posted On July 25, 2001

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…also, my neck has been jacked up since Friday or Saturday. It’s weird because it kinda feels better in the afternoon, but is stiff and sore as balls in the morning.
And I’m going blind.
I think this means one of two things…
Either it’s a tumor, or I have DSB!


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  1. her_holiness

    DSB? LoL… that’s one of the best excuses I’ve ever heard! Use it often.

  2. deuterium_d3

    Well, if it’s a big tumor, then it’s curtains for you, so you’ll wanna go get laid before you die. And if it’s DSB, there’s an obvious logical solution so GO GET LAID!!! RIGHT NOW!!! NO WHINING!!!

  3. girlstar313

    isnt there things ya can do to help that 😉

    • ebound

      You sound like you know a lot on this subject, mrs. crooked-picture.

      • girlstar313

        haha..soooo..there is nothing wrong with that 🙂

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