Posted On July 16, 2001

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Um… If you have my MacWorld badge, I would like it back. Or if you know where it is, please tell me. Because I can’t afford to buy a new one, and I can’t find the one I have. Because I suck.


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  1. tats

    used to be on your desk.


      I know. I have the badge holder, but not the actual badge.

      • tats

        Ah. Did you put it somewhere for safekeeping?

      • FANLESS

        no, i think it just fell out.

      • tats

        yeesh. that sucks.
        hope you find it.

  2. shadowofadoubt

    I’m sad that we didn’t meet at MacWorld. I was really looking forward to it. Darn.


      I was only there on Wednesday, and not for very long. I was already beat from Monday and Tuesday in the city. I pretty much left after the keynote, and never went back.
      The keynote was such a dispointment, I really didn’t feel like being there anymore.
      I had planned on going back Thursday or Friday with some friends, but that never happened either.

      • shadowofadoubt

        That’s too bad. I was pretty bored the whole time. I didn’t even look at any of the other booths – I just did my hours and left. I wanted to give you some invitations to the Apple Developer party that was Wednesday night but you never appeared. Next year maybe…

      • FANLESS

        Well, I feel bad now. that would have ruled!
        Next year for sure.

      • shadowofadoubt

        I didn’t mean to make you feel bad! It would have sucked if the rumors were true and George Clinton had played – but it ended up being the Wallflowers instead. I gave the tickets to someone else right before I left for the day and they had a blast. No harm done.

      • FANLESS

        I looked for you. I walked around the booths like once, and played with Mac OS X 10.1 a little too, but then I left. I wish I would have looked a little harder for you.

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